Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hairy Dog Day

Wow. Today is a scorcher here. This is a picture of Griswold after a very short walk. He is huffing and puffing away and I decided to brush him. LoL. The "small" pile of hair next to him is only about 2 minutes of brushing with a small brush.

The other picture is me (5'6'') standing next to my cherry tomato plant. There are a few red ones so far. The other plants bear large fruit and will not turn red for a few weeks yet but when they do, we will be canning up a storm in the John and Heather household. My neighbor Andrew and I are determined to find the perfect Tomato Basil or Chunky Garden pasta sauce recipe this year. If any readers know of a great pasta sauce to can, please, help a sista out and share it with me!

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